Mermaid Tail Dangle Earrings Sterling Silver .925

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  • Sterling silver enhances wearers ability to be receptive to the energies of the crystals or stones.
  • It is a soft energy like that of the moon.

Lava Stone is a grounding stone, associated with Volcanoes it aids in calming over fiery energy as well as gives fiery energy where needed. Lava stone is also known to balance the libido whether over or under active. 

Here are some other benefits of Lava Stone:

  • Enhances dreamwork
  • Assists in creativity
  • Communication
  • Cleanses Negative Energy
  • Strengthens our connection to earth
  • Calming

Titanium assists in calming and assists in overcoming anxieties. It also assists in increasing life force and vitality.

  • Pearl brings in the energy of the ocean, softness, femininity, protection, good luck, & wealth


  • Peacock green turquoise is a stone of heaven
  • Resonates with the throat, heart, & 3rd eye
  • Provides wearer with protection 
  • Also purifies aura on all levels