Lemon Jade Wrist piece

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This wrist piece is made of Lemon Jade, coated Hematite, and a strong stretch cord.

This gem enhances emotional balance, moderation and stability. It inspire wisdom, practicality, moderation, perspective and peace

  • aides in the understanding of dreams
  • enhances feelings of compassion and empathy
  • provides protection from illness and injuries
  • healing and soothing energies that benefit the digestive system
  • Yellow Jade is linked specifically to the assimilation and understanding of new information.
  • It's valued for its healing power as a blood cleanser, also for disorders of the nervous system and kidneys (like rose quartz).

Hematite has the following healing qualities:

  • Grounding
  • Protecting
  • Harmonizes mind, body, spirit
  • Yang energy
  • Great for legal situations
  • Supports timid people
  • Stimulates concentration & focus
  • Supports kidneys in blood cleansing