About us

"Revolutionary Magician is who I am. It is who you are.
It is a Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit state of being. We are always in co-creation with the Yoniverse & what we place focus & intention towards is what we manifest into our physical reality.
My goal here is simply to inspire you to incorporate small practical steps towards revolutionizing your world & yielding your inner magician. 
The purpose of this space is to spark the light in you to burn brighter or assist in keeping it going & to pass it on."
When we think about what it is to be Revolutionary we think of a dramatic change & cultivation of what is, a "digging up the soil", if you will. In doing so, we may be able to create a massive transformation. To be a Magician is to come into self-realization, tapping in to our magic, & trust that we are in full co-creative power with all that is.
Now, to believe in magick some may say it's all "woo-woo", but as Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." Imagination is the seed to all that has been created, and all yet to be created.
Becoming a Revolutionary Magician has been no easy task, and it will take you a great amount of discomfort in making effort towards your personal transformation. We are in the dawn of a new era, one where we are awakened to the unhealed aspects of ourselves, as well as awakening to the magick we hold and the power we have to change ourselves. Until eventually we are living an intentional, authentic life.

Revolutionary Magician is owned and operated by Monique Sandoval, in Central California. It is a wholistic retail & energy healing service business, but more than anything it is a Lifestyle. She is currently specializing in Touch Therapy, Reiki healing, North Node Astrology reports, Hand Crafted Jewelry & Self care items such as oils, etc.

Revolutionary Magician is a culmination of some core practical acts Monique dove into by research, experience, & intuition  that assisted her journey in overcoming her mental blockages in gaining clarity to move forward. Healing has been such a powerful & rewarding process for her growth as she moves forward in continued gratitude. 

We are here to offer:

  • Tools for cleansing & personal Alignment, such as: sage, incense, crystals, oils, affirmations etc.
  • Hand Crafted Jewelry
  • Tarot/Oracle Guidance Messages from Spirit
  • Reiki Healing
  • Astrology Reports

We want you to view the items in our store as your personal Revolutionary Magician tools towards cleansing and aligning yourself with your inner peace and higher operating self.  Affirmations are key, as well as meditation and other practices that help us to come to ourselves in truth and honesty and bring peace into our vibration.

Our Jewelry connection is all hand crafted and infused with Reiki Healing. It provides a connection and has assisted many upon many people in their journey towards becoming their authentic and higher selves.

Tarot & Oracle guidance is here for gentle nudges and messages along the path. Spirit helps with pictures & messages all the time, & sometimes it is great to just ask a person who you align with to gain access to messages you may need. 

Reiki has given many people the opportunity to clear out our energetic fields of old & outdated energies that were stubborn and resistant. New & refreshing changes are afoot when Reiki presents itself to us.

Astrology is your Cosmic Fingerprint/Blueprint, revealing information in your life regarding health, career, home, relationships, etc! Astrology can also be viewed as a compass, showing us the directions we have been, are going, &  will go towards.

It is our pleasure to present Revolutionary Magician to you as bite size practical magick that will aid in your own revolution. 

Thank you and as always we wish you...

Peace & Blessings,

Monique Sandoval

Revolutionary Magician