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Purify Your Space

Whats The 411

Sidereal Astrology

A Quick Hello

You are a Revolutionary Magician

To be a Revolutionary Magician is to be in full awareness of our own Co-Creative power that is in full concert with the Yoniverse. It is to go in the direction of that which brings more passion, joy & healing into our lives, even if it is against any logical expression. It stands in tune with life's magic, it is an intuitive expression of who we are truly.

Welcome to Revolutionary Magician's Home Page, we offer services of Healing which include Massage therapy, Reiki Healing, Tarot/Oracle Guidance, as well as Astrology Life Path Readings. We are truly passionate about assisting you in clearing, activating, and accelerating your journey towards healing, elevation, & expansion. We trust that in some way shape or form, you will leave feeling renewed, refreshed, & inspired after your visit with us.

Come & experience your Revolutionary Magician Transformation.

Massage Lifestyle

Rest your mind, spirit, your soul. Lay down & just let go. Massage tables have this way of bringing comfort, at the moment of getting between the sheets.

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Distant Reiki Review

"Monique is amazing, had my 1st distance Reiki session and the vibrations I felt were extraordinary. She felt my needs and I felt the healing. I’m blessed to have found her. Will continue to support her and her services. "


Distant Reiki Review

Monique is a thoughtful and focused practitioner in her distance Reiki healing sessions. I appreciated that we hopped on video chat before and after the session to check-in & connect, as well as the meditation soundscape of the video she linked me. She also incorporates intuitive application of crystals! So you could potentially come away with more methods to tap in and continue your own care & healing.After my session with her, I felt an incredible sense of relaxation and centered well-being that contrasted notably from how I'd been before we began. I would recommend Monique's offerings if you're ready to explore a new energy healing medium or to receive the warmth and care of this Revolutionary Magician! If you feel called or curious, don't be shy - I'm sure she's willing to communicate with you to meet your needs and give it a try.


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